Delivery creation

When is confirmation no longer possible?

It is no longer possible to confirm an order 10 minutes after the delivery time slot has started. This time limit is the same whether it is an instant delivery or not.

After that, a delivery_has_expired error is returned.


You have created a delivery for the 2pm - 4pm slot.

  • at 2:05pm, confirmation is still possible
  • at 2:17pm, confirmation is no longer possible, an error is returned.

When is cancellation no longer possible?

A delivery can no longer be cancelled:

  • if the package has been picked up by the carrier
  • if the delivery slot has started

How to manage store opening and closing hours?

You have fixed store hours

Simply specify us the opening and closing hours of the stores for each day of the week when we set up your account. If you wish to modify them later, you will have to make a request to our customer service department.

You have dynamic store hours

If you want more flexibility to manage your store hours, you can use the calendar property in the first step Check the eligibility. It will allow you to limit the slots we returned day by day.

Depending on the number of option days we send you back (default 7), you can manage your store openings over this period.


Your store is open:

  • from 9am to 12pm then from 1pm to 6pm on 21/10/2018 (UTC)
  • from 9am to 12pm then from 1pm to 8pm on 22/10/2018 (UTC)

You can specify in the first step Check the eligibility:

"calendar": [
		"starts_at": "2018-10-21T09:00:00:00Z",
		"ends_at": "2018-10-21T12:00:00:00Z"
		"starts_at": "2018-10-21T13:00:00:00Z",
		"ends_at": "2018-10-21T18:00:00:00Z"
		"starts_at": "2018-10-22T09:00:00:00Z",
		"ends_at": "2018-10-22T12:00:00:00Z"
		"starts_at": "2018-10-22T13:00:00:00Z",
		"ends_at": "2018-10-22T20:00:00:00Z"

How to create an instant delivery?

If instant delivery is available in the first step Check the eligibility, then you just have to pass the current date/time in the starts_at property when you call the endpoint Pre-order a delivery.

How many days of options are returned during the eligibility check?

The number of days returned by the API can be configured according to your needs. By default, this limit is set at 7 days.